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Your Insurance Company may try and dissuade you from hiring a Public Adjuster.  They will claim that it is unnecessary, and that you will not get more money by hiring them.  This is misleading and not true.

The Insurance Company's adjuster works for the Insurance Company.  He is their representative.  He has their best interests at heart, not yours.

Remember it is YOUR obligation to prove your claim.  Often times coverage is available for things like Additional Living Expenses but the Insured is not aware of that, and the adjuster does not volunteer that information.

Adjusters aren't bad people but Insurance is a business and it's a numbers game.  Insurance companies make billions of dollars each year.  When you have an insurance loss the insurance company is likely losing money on you because it is paying you more money than you originally paid it for insurance. 

Often times insurance companies will recommend a contractor or restoration company to do the necessary repairs.  Typically, the recommended contractor will have an ongoing relationship with an insurance company going back several years and would like future referrals from the insurance company. They will also be looking out for the insurance company's pocket book not as well.

It is important for individual insureds to understand who is making the determinations on their claims. While the average insurance consumer understands that the insurance companies are making decisions concerning what needs to be repaired, they incorrectly assume that the prices included in the estimate are set by the market and not the insurance companies.  

Some of the software programs that Insurance Companies use to estimate the amount of an insurance loss are owned by the insurance companies.  The pricing in these programs is going down while national building material prices are going up.  The prices of common building materials have increased as much as 30% in one year! That means insurance companies may be underpaying homeowners by at least 30%. 

Hiring a public adjuster can ensure that you are able to repair and replace your property for the proper replacement cost . 

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